Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stompin' Ground

As bad as the Los Angeles game was, this was good. A margin of victory of 40 points is the largest ever against the Spurs, and tonight it happened with nearly 15 minutes of garbage time. The Spurs chose not to play two starters in Duncan and Parker, and that would've changed the face of the game significantly. But getting up to a 48 point spread makes me think that any change of pace may not have altered the outcome.

In short, I was proud that the boys actually came to play tonight. Felton, in what might have been an attempt at getting his starting role back, played much better than ever before, and Jamal Crawford shone like the star(ter) he is. He didn't miss a shot until the second half, if I recall.

Could there have been improvements? Always. Turnovers are haunting at times, because though the team isn't last in the league in that category, they seem to commit turnovers at a really bad time. I don't want shoddy garbage minutes affecting habits. Also, free throws were below 100%. Come on, they're free. That's a point, a professional point, that is given to you. Missing free throws is like walking up to a Little Caesar's with Andrew Jackson, and coming back with two Abe Lincolns and a bread stick. Cash it in, Kyle.

And, the glaringly obvious, most splendiforous thing I would have loved to have seen is...this sort of effort last game. Or even half. Average the two and you get two victories instead of the world's worst half and the team's 8th largest victory spread. That's not a real number, I only know it's the second-largest of the season, first being 44 points against the Bobcraps. Which, at that time was the largest win of the season for any team, so it could still be.

Anyway, I wish I could say I don't think they played this hard because it's their extended weekend now, but I guess we can only see after the All Star break.

The Gory Blaze: McMillan left Matthews in 20 seconds too long, leaving him with a minor ankle sprain. The All Star break should allow time for healing, but at a point in the game where even Stilty Wilty couldn't win it, you face palm the coaching decision there.

The Brilliant: Elliot "Oh Yes I Did Just Do That" Williams. 17 points or so, playing in early and late minutes, the dude jumped out of crowds of Spurs to rebound and/or dunkface people. Improve those free throws and he's a significant bench player.

Side note: Everyone but Camby scored. I could bug him about that, saying a single basket would've tied the 44 point game and all, but he never attempted a shot, got 2 assists and snagged 5 boards in barely 14 minutes of theoppositeof a slugfest. Rest them old knees, my ninja.

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