Friday, February 24, 2012

The Gorilla is Back

I heard a rumor or two that Joel was looking around to get back in on some good, old-fashioned NBA action. The rumors even said that he maybe just might want to make his return in a Blazers uniform. I have always liked Big Country. He plays hard, and makes up for any lack of skill with heart. He's a work hard, and respect that more than anything else. Harder to go pro with heart than skill, but Joel did. A crowd favorite, a coach favorite I'm sure, and just a great human, all around, he fit right in in Portland, and I was part of the collective whimper when he left.

Well, the rumors were confirmed, and Joel passed up what many consider two strong title contenders in Miami and Chicago to return to Rainville. He said his heart was here, and his wife's was too. All I had to say was YAAAAAAAAY.

He's not the most skilled player in the league, I'll admit. But the spark that he brings to the game, the energy, is something that the Blazers haven't had this year, even some of last season. With the departure of another fan favorite in Dre, and dare I mention the retire--- of another key player in...well, you know, the Thrilla's coming back is so awesome it's like the first time I heard The Beatles, for the second time.

I can't wait for the All-Star break to be over. Not only to breathe again knowing LA is healthy (knock on wood), but to see Vanilla Beast get back on that floor, hear the crowd roar, and get that game back that we so desperately missed. Fill that void with his big body and his no-nonsense attitude. I'm not saying I want Ty Crane Tyson Chandler to start another fight, but I wouldn't change the channel. I'd probably turn the volume up.

So, let's all give Przybilla the welcome back he deserves when he finally dons the jersey he was born to wear. Raise your glass to the once and future Vanilla Gorilla, and watch him step up to start the block party. Legen-wait for it-----(keep waiting until the next game).

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