Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's Cold in Minnesota (94-106)

Lost by 12. By 12! In an arena that hasn't seen a win over Portland since Kevin Garnett, some five years ago. That's a lot to stomach. Also a lot to stomach is Kevin Love's beard.

The only thing I learned from tonight's game was that Felton probably wants to impress the team his trade rumors have been linked to. That's the only thing I learned. I did have many thoughts confirmed.

Like Wes Johnson is pretty much gonna be a boss. I knew it. I knew it when I saw him at Syracuse, and when I crossed my fingers that we'd fetch him on draft day. And tonight, when he started lighting people up. So young too. Alas...

Confirmation two was that Barea really can't stay on his feet. He flops more than this chick, and she was on ice. And, as much as you can say I can't blame him if the refs keep calling it, I disagree. Yes, the refs are just completely f*cked in the head for keeping that crap up, but, for the integrity of the game, if I were Barea, I wouldn't keep doing that. That's not basketball, it's just childish and ridiculous. Draw a legit charge, fine. But don't fall over when a person runs by or touches you. Come on.

Confirmation three was that Martell is bitter as balls that we traded him for a white dude with a sleeve. Try getting him back in a mirrored trade deal and you will get laughed at. Yeah, that was a draft day trade that I head as I went into work at Slaveway, and I shook my head for eight hours straight. I almost got fired when my boss asked me to stock the milk. It's good to know that Martell was irritated too. I'm not saying he is the difference maker between this season being what it is and what it really should be, but he certainly could have helped.

Oh, another confirmation: Kurt Thomas is the oldest player in the league. Get over it, Minnesota. Good grief. He's a day older than Grant Hill, he usually makes outside jumpers. He has crazy eyes. That won't change all season, but you announcing it every single game could change. Right now.

A lot of missed jumpers tonight. Too bad too, since no one was making lay-ups either. Minnesota too. Good grief, I wish they shot threes like they did lay-ups in the last two minutes. Eight lay-ups without a point. One was a dunk attempt that got blocked, but other than that, nothing stood in their way. I would say that's embarrassing, but losing to a team that comes up empty on eight straight lay-ups is more so.

I guess Felton knowing his fate is good, because he turns on the jets more. I mean, I guess if you have nothing to lose, it's easier to play balls out. And, since he knows he's on the trading block and he already lost the starting job, then got it back, pretty much can't lose anything more. I was thinking tonight though, that maybe the dude just needs a hype man. Because the announcers were saying he was on fire tonight, and in a way he was. Not a great shooting percentage to finish, but he started out 5-5. He's been ice cold all season, so seeing the spark tonight in comparison is like going from Antarctica to Death Valley.

He must've heard the Minnesota announcers is all I'm saying. I could be that guy for him, if that was what he needed to be consistent. I was hoping they'd mention his elite passing skills too, to test my theory. See if he could rack up some assists, he still got 9 so I shouldn't complain. In all seriousness, put me behind the bench and I will rub his shoulders and tell him he's the baller he's not if he needed it to succeed. Unfortunately, in my honest opinion, the only things he needs to succeed is a serious shooting makeover, physical conditioning he didn't get over the trade and lockout, and passing drills.

Blaze of Glory for the night was Raymond, I guess. I hate applauding him for finally having a game that he's expected to produce close to every night, but no one else really nailed it tonight.

Blaze of Gory was Crawful. 3-13, 0-6 from three. I mean, this dude was my dude last year. Favorite non-Blazers (besides TrOutlaw, that dudes my dawwwwg). But that was last year. He had some extraordinarily high arcs on his shots tonight. The thing he didn't have on his shots tonight? Points.

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