Thursday, March 15, 2012

Okay, so we had some big and dumb moves today.

They ditched my man Camby. Sad to see him go but it's probably the best thing for him to be out of the fray.

And then Wallace is gone too. He didn't necessarily fit the system per se, but he tried too. There goes rebounder #2.

Oden got waived. This makes sense, but he could chill for a year or two, sign with someone and beat the shit out of us.

Chris Johnson waived as well. Not enough time behind a legitimate center pair like Joel and Marcus to develop. He worked hard though.

Who did we get? Steve Blake back? I liked him, like him, but we traded him for a reason. But he probably would've been better than Felton AND Crawford AND another guard that we got in the trade. We also got Thabeet (first #1 pick to get D-Leagued), Shawne Williams (who?), Mehmet Okur (ugh, really?) and Jonny Flynn (decent).

Yeah yeah, so we have a stack up of guards, one that is so bad it hurts to watch. I know we gathered the mud that is this traffic jab of mediocrity of a backcourt for the expiring contracts, but did the interim front office forget that we have games left? How will we put together a team for the Bulls game tomorrow night?


Oh yeah, we fired Nate. No joke, that's confirmed. Yeah, I know. It's like....dafuq? As if this manure pile is his fault. As if he didn't make great decisions through the worst of times. Didn't breed All-Stars in Roy and LA, didn't piece together wins through record numbers of injury and hotheaded arrogance. Disrespect, Portland. Straight up disrespect.

Quite honestly, if Crawesome had a problem with Coach, he should've been benched or traded. This is not his team. He could've been benched to wait until the contract was up. Felton should've been the first if only one to go. Trade that bastard. He is cancer.

This season was in no way McMillan's fault. At all. I'm proud of him for limping through and showing up for this team of hot dogs that barely even play. No one was respecting each other or themselves. Slumps abounded, no one rebounded, but McMillan was always there to try (if unsuccessfully) to right the ship. Fuck Chad Buchanan, fuck Raymond Felton (it's not out of shape, the season is more than half over. You plain suck monkey ass), fuck this season and fuck Mehmet Okur. I hate that asshole. If they hire Jerry Sloane I might burn something.

Oh, and promote an unpaid video inter to Interim Head Coach. Wow.

All I can say is good luck to Crash and MC in their respective teams. Go easy on LA when you play him, guys. Best of luck to McMillan, though I doubt he'll need it. I hear New York wants a coach, who else? Lakers were pulling while he was still employed in good standing with a competitive team, so my guess is someone's hunting.

Forget this.

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