Saturday, March 10, 2012

Whizzing on Washington

Today's game was more my speed. Not perfect by any stretch, and against a lowbrow team in Washington, but solid.

LA netted another 30 point game, his fifth of the season. He also started getting some rebounds in rebounding form, which is his biggest weakness. The Wizards have some tall rebounders in McGee and Blatche, so I enjoyed seeing LA go after some a fetching the double-double he's more than capable of. Also nice was Mr. Felton's semi-poised play, producing around the calibre I expect him to night in and night out if he expects to stick around much longer. I like Crawdaddy's game tonight too, though I fear it was more making a show for teams interested in trades than to beat the Wizards.

One thing I hated, however, was Scott Foster, What the hell? This is the second time this season that Scott Foster had a [potential] dagger in his hands, and chose to stab away. First, not that I need to remind anyone, was his jackass "goaltending" call during the OKC game. Let's not kid ourselves, that was a horrid miss. The call was not even close to goaltending, at a time the Blazers had their fate in their hands. He certainly could have reviewed it at that point, but again, shouldn't have needed to. The Blazers lose because he's a boneheaded ninny.
Cut to tonight. Second quarter we have immature Wizard #15 elbowing Marcus Camby in the neck for a good solid 4 seconds. Not cool, jackwagon. I get the happenstance of accidental throat contact, I do. But not after a rebound. This dude gathers a rebound with one hand in order to keep his elbow in Camby's throat. Camby shoves him down. I would have too. GTF off me, nucka. So they blow the whistle. Camby nods, of course, I've been in the league I know that's a technical. Then Seraphin gets up and shoves Camby back. Retaliation, okay, technical assessed. Should be pretty cut and dry. After that Foster and teammates separate the two, including Batum, class act, going to his French National teammate Sarah's fin and talking him down. Offsetting T's.


Foster boots Camby with a Flagrant 2! And Scaryphin gets a technical? Are you for real? No way in hell that goes down like that in real time. But, to throw another facepalm into the mix, Foster reviewed the tape. You'd think this would be a perfect time to reassess the situation, oh, clearly Terraflip elbows Camby right there, elbow and hold, holding, rebound, holding...okay. Offset the technicals and move on. But nope, not Foster. After calling 3 consecutive fouls on back-up Blazers center Vanilla Gorilla in less than 3 minutes, Foster decides now would be a perfect time to eject starter Marcus Camby, one of the most mellow and truly good guys in the league.
Mr. Foster, you're on my list.

If I'm McMillan, I'm calling that BS hard and fast. I'll take the fine, just as Camby will now have to. I'm calling out Foster like I would have McCutcheon last year. These sluts need to learn that biased calls don't fly. Let Scaruhflimsy back into the game when he not only initiated but retaliated also? Wrist slap him but boot MC? Who the hell do you think you are?

Oh, great, now I'm mad. Remembering how John Wall slipped and they called a blocking foul on Felton. I hate Felton and even I think that call was horsecrap. One official was just brought up fro the NBDL, but, In my opinion, all three should go back down.

Blaze of the Night had to be LA. Playing only two minutes last match-up before getting injured, LA showed how much of an impact he can make. Got him some blocks, 30pt/10rb, making 12 fro 15 and all his FTs. Blatche, please!

Gory Blaze. Felton. Man, all you had to do was keep making free throws. Went 26 of 26 and with 30 seconds left you missed the second one? C'mon man!

Latest trade rumors are pretty out there. Just when you think you're reading a legit sports page you see a guy saying Blazers could trade Felton and Crawford for Boston's Big Three. Yeah, I suppose they could try that, but would it work money-wise, and would Boston go for it?

One reasonable one that I don't think will happen but I liked the thought of was sending Felton, Crawford and Thomas to LA Lakers for Blakey and Devin Ebanks an $8M trade exemption and Mav's/Lakers 2012 1st round picks. It would have to happen in two moves, logistically, because a trade exemption cannot be paired with players, but the picks and TE for Thomas and Felton is reasonable, in my mind, and Crawford for Blake and Ebanks seems like it could help both sides.

I don't think it will happen, but wishful thinking was satisfied when I read it. Blakey knows McMillan and the system, as well as many players and the fans, and could surely help with consistency. The two picks could shore up a nice backcourt in a deep 2012 draft, and the expiring contracts of Crawford and Felton as well as Felton's tremendously awful play would be gone. If we're gonna lose out on these guys in free agency anyway, might as well move them for something.

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