Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Not on Pace(rs)

Wow. There isn't much more one can say about tonight.

Netted two field goals out of 15 attempts in the first quarter. I've made more than that in 12 minutes with my eyes closed. I could make more half court shots than that in 12 minutes. Jeepers. Also, talking about lows, five assists all game. And I'm pretty sure most of those came in garbage time. You can't have that. There was only one in the first half. Against a pedestrian team in Indiana, not known for their defensive prowess, nor are they known for their offensive prowess, nor are they really known at all.

A new career high for a third strong center is not really a stat you want to give up, but we did that too. He went 10 for 11 shooting with 21 points. He's only scored 20 twice before and I'm pretty sure his shooting percentage is less than forty. At least this year. And in games they win it's usually lower like 34%. Today it was 91%! Just pass it underneath to the white dude. I understand Camby wasn't there, but come on. You're in the NBA, and the easiest place to defend is the paint. It's painted! How hard is it to miss that area?

They were down thirty plus at one point. Aldridge only had 17. I say only because he's an All-Star, and supposed to be the workhorse. A 5-15 night with 17 is not the makings of consistent, especially when the guy guarding you is Hansborough or Hibbert. I'm pretty sure I was a better center my first year playing than Hibbert was last year. He's improved...not that much. Plus, he knows about the paint, and he stays there. LA has (or had) a jumper. Where did it go tonight?

Maybe I jinxed this game, but I really anticipated a back and forth with a Blazers 7-10 point victory. The Pacers haven't been relevant for years, since Reggie probably. I mean, for 5-6 years there Mike Dunleavy was their best player. I saw some good defense today, some good offense and neither of those was from the Blazers' side of the ball.

5-22 3PT. Four of those came in garbage time from Smith and Babbitt. FG% overall: 31. Free throws I can't really complain about, because the stripe was the only thing keeping us in the same building, but even there we had 8 misses. Misses are unacceptable to me. Those are free points. I mean, come on guys! If you're shooting 20+, 5 misses is the max I could handle. 30-38 is under 80%. We don't have Shaq or Dwight, and if you're not making jump shots, or layups, you gotta make the free throws.

Speaking of layups, 16 points in the paint. That would be 8 shots. 7 were missed in the paint. 3 fast break points. That's a defensive and offensive stat. Yowzer.

I wish I could have control of the payroll on nights like these. Even on the honor system. Just be like "Hey, Crawford. You think you earned $75,757.76 with your play tonight?" Contract renegotiated. 

Brilliant plan!

Each game paycheck should be based on the previous game. Or, make it like bowling, and have a "Strike" number, perhaps a double double for a big man, certain number of assists, to base the next two games on it. That way, Raymond Felton would be making the same amount I've made the last three weeks. Nothing. Solid plan.

To Whom it May ConStern...

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